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B* Helpful Love Inc                        501 C 3 Non-Profit Organization

Always Remember to B*Helpful Love

B* Helpful Love Inc's mission is to provide our senior citizens and homeless community with the most accessible resources to help with their quality of life and sustain independence.

Love Fellowship Church CLT

Love Fellowship Church is a dynamic word-based ministry where there is freedom in worship and love is extended. LFC is always involved in numerous projects from ministering homeless, providing food, collecting school supplies, and hosting life empowerment classes.  Pastors Anthony and Renee Williams have graciously welcomed B* Helpful Love in so we can do what our mission states B* Helpful to those in need. 

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B* Helpful Love Inc has partnered with Dedicated Senior Medical Center

B* Helpful Love Inc has established an excellent partnership with Dedicated Senior Medical Center! This medical center gives our seniors five-star treatment and lets them know they are not a burden or forgotten. Please check out their website

The Reach Project 

The Reach project is designed to provide support, programs, and resources to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities within the Charlotte metro area.

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Dedicated Senior Medical Center

B* Helpful Love Inc has partnered with Dedicated Senior Medical Center because we both have the same mission...SENIORS!! We love to love seniors and make sure they are enjoying their golden years without hassle. 

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Crisis Assistance Ministry

B Helpful Love has partnered with Crisis Assistance Ministry to serve those less fortunate in Mecklenburg county. 

First Baptist Church Charlotte

B Helpful Love has partnered with First Baptist Church Charlotte to help individuals in Mecklenburg county. 

Kreative Kreations

B Helpful Love Inc has partnered with a gracious black-owned business owner named Krystal white of Kreative Kreations.  You can follow Krystal on Instagram @ KreativeKreations

Krystal White not only volunteers with B Helpful Love Inc in her spare time, but she also creates these beautiful baskets for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, baby showers, etc.