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B* Helpful Love Inc                        501 C 3 Non-Profit Organization

Always Remember to B*Helpful Love

B* Helpful Love Inc's mission is to provide our senior citizens and homeless community with the most accessible resources to help with their quality of life and sustain independence.

Accessible Resources 

Healthcare Assistance 

B* Helpful Love helps individuals aged 55 and over to accomplish their daily activities with ease while enjoying their golden years. We offer accessible resources to those who are not financially able to sustain medical assistance, such as filling out the appropriate forms, assisting with prescriptions refills, and any other medical-related necessity.     

Utility Assistance 

B* Helpful Love offers assistance to seniors who need help with their utility bills such as Duke Energy,  City of Charlotte water, Piedmont Natural Gas, and we also offer rental assistance.  

Food Assistance 

B* Helpful Love created a food bank that provides food to anyone who needs food. If they are not able to come to the office we will prepare a box and deliver it to them.  

Minor home repairs ( Must sign a waiver)

B* Helpful Love has partnered with a contractor that will help individuals aged 55 and over with minor home repairs. We may not be able to fix the whole house but we are dedicated to helping fix some of the minor problems that senior citizens have and help ease their mind and provide a solution that helps. 

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